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ShouldCost - McKinsey

McKinsey Spain needed to modernize a tool in Excel format to account the money and time costs of certain assembly processes.

We developed an initial version of a native mobile app for internal use and a subsequent web app that helped to significantly simplify and improve the solution they had up to that point.


The problem

McKinsey had a calculation tool based on various Excel sheets that several of its departments used to calculate the costs of certain logistics processes. The problem was that it became outdated and limited for certain uses, which led to the need to create a new one.


We proposed designing an application that would transfer all the functionalities of Excel to a more intuitive and practical interface. Subsequently, we developed both a native tablet application and a responsive web app that allowed managing all tasks, categorizing them, adding them to a workflow, and finally calculating their time and cost.

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In this way, we managed to launch an application with more functionalities than the original tool and an attractive and simple interface for the user that allowed performing calculations in a much more efficient way, thereby improving the product they had until that moment.

Technologies used

Flutter Laravel

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