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We build mobile apps
for Android and iOS.

After years dedicated to native app development in Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) we've gone one step further to specialize in cross-platform development with Flutter.

What we do.

We love building apps, customizing their design and materializing just what you have in mind. But at the same time we want to give you the security that we know what we are doing. 

That is why during these years we have packaged different blocks or basic functionalities that most applications usually have and that you will most likely need in the development of your app.

Social Networks

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook... You name it! We integrate your application with the platforms you need to facilitate the capture and loyalty of your users to make the most of everything that social networks offer you.

Push Notifications

No matter what type of app you want to develop, you will surely need a notification system to keep your users informed and connected. We have specialized in the global solution offered by Google through its Firebase Cloud Messaging service to implement a robust and flexible system of push notifications for all Android / iOS devices.

Purchases & Payments

If services or products can be purchased in your application, we facilitate the process by integrating online payment solutions such as Stripe or PayPal. This avoids the complexities and cost of implementing your own payment gateway.

Analytics & Tracking

Analyzing user behavior is vital for the proper functioning and success of an application. We offer you the possibility of knowing how they navigate through it and we help you select and save the most relevant information.

Maps & Location

The use of maps on mobile devices is essential in some businesses. Showing a map with the user's location to be able to search on it, show updates according to their position or to be able to navigate through it discovering places or services has become something basic in certain apps.

Image recognition & Multimedia

We also have experience in more specific and complex developments such as image recognition, coupon and code scanning and processing, and streaming video/audio playback.

Technologies we use.

Firebase Cloud Messaging
Google analytics
Google Maps & Places API

What our clients say.


The biggest advantage of Flutter is that a single development allows us to have applications for both Android and iOS (and in fact with Flutter 3, also for web and desktop!). This means being able to reduce both the cost and the development time and simplify the subsequent maintenance of any app by having a single source code for both platforms.

This is a recurring question and surely 3 or 4 years ago we would have answered possibly not. But both the evolution of the framework by Google and that of the devices and operating systems themselves means that today it is possible to develop an app with Flutter with a design and performance equal to that of a purely native application. There is no need to be afraid of choosing Flutter as a development tool since the advantages are much greater in 99% of projects.

In specific cases such as a game that requires high consumption by the device or an application that has to access very specific components of the hardware (with GPS, accelerometer, bluetooth, etc. there is no problem at all) it can be better to develop the app on Android and iOS. Or if only development on a platform is required for business logic.

In any case, in all projects we carry out a preliminary study to always help you choose the best option.

Of course. We can fully manage the publications in both Google Play and the App Store or provide support in those parts where you need help.

Do you want to see what we do?

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