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The founders of WOSH were about to launch their first boutique laundromat but needed to develop the technological layer to offer an omni channel experience. His goal was to create an app so that his customers could forget about the weekly laundry forever. And we released the MVP in 8 weeks.
Wosh mockup

The problem

They wanted to modernize the laundry sector with their an app to allow their customer to forget about the weekly laundry for good. But they did not have the technical team to build it and implement the digital part of their business. They were about to open their first store and wanted to have the app ready for the opening.


We launched an MVP in 8 weeks to offer a mobile app with a simple booking process so their customers could order online. In addition to the app, we developed their own back office web application so that stores and franchises could manage their online orders from there.

Wosh app mockup
The Liquid team fulfilled our objective of designing and creating a laundry on demand APP with good usability for the user. They also offered us great flexibility to adapt to our growth. What we have most enjoyed working with them is the empathy, enthusiasm and commitment to the project.
Ramon Plans from WOSH
Ramon Plans


Since then we have made several iterations to improve both the app and the back office to automate processes and facilitate store operations. In 2 years, WOSH has gone from a pilot store to 2 own stores and 5 franchises in Spain. Currently, more than 50% of its turnover is through the app.

Technologies used

Craft CMS

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