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ByHours is a Startup born in 2012 with offices in Barcelona that offers the service of booking hotel rooms in 3h, 6h and 12h hour packages. When they first came to us, they were about to build their new app but needed someone to develop the Android version.
Byhours hero

The challenge

They already had the design for the new app ready but their development team lacked an Android developer profile. As they had already started developing the iOS version the feared it wouldn't be possible to launch the new iOS and Android version together.

This was a huge pain for them, not only from a marketing side but also from a technical side as it would have implied their backend to provide two different API versions at the same time.

By Hours app mockup


We join their team just in time to build the Android version, keeping up with the same pace as the iOS version. During the project we provide mobile consulting in their offices to guarantee the coordination of the teams.

We found the perfect partner on Liquid: Flexible, reliable and engaged with the project. They are absolutely professionals and able to deliver a quality job. From the very beginning, they joined our app development as part of our team. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.
Guillermo Gaspart from BYHOURS
Guillermo Gaspart
Chairman at BYHOURS

The results

The new Android version was ready at the same time as the iOS version. ByHours was able to launch the new app for Android and iOS at the same time

Once the product was launched, we accompanied them in the development of new features until they expanded their internal team with an Android developer and we transferred the project.

By Hours iphone mockup

Technologies used


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