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SalusCoop is a citizen data cooperative that aims to accelerate research and innovation in the health sector. Their idea was to develop a mobile app that would allow people to join various research projects and voluntarily share their data through a simple process, thus eliminating the usual barriers to data access.

Salus screens

The problem

SalusCoop was clear that one of the strong points of its project had to be the security in saving the volunteers' personal data. To do this, they relied on iCommunity's blockchain technology. For its part, iCommunity contacted us for help in the design and development of the MVP: an app for volunteers to join research projects and voluntarily donate their health data.


We designed both the app (for donor users) and the backoffice (for administrator and research users) that complied with the basic functionality defined for the MVP. Once the interactive prototype has been validated, we move on to the development phase. For the development of the app we use Flutter, and we integrate with the Google Fit and Apple Health services to obtain the health data of the donors.

For the backend we had to integrate with the iCommunity API that allows us to validate users and store their health data anonymously with its blockchain technology.

Finally, we also developed a small backoffice from where administrators can validate the identity of donor users who register through the app. From this same backoffice, researchers can create their projects and send surveys to their participants.

Saluscoop backoffice

The results

After the release of MVP we have made several iterations in order to add new functionality and adapt it to the needs of researchers. Like, for example, a new, more sophisticated survey system.

Technologies used

Flutter Laravel

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