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Stay connected with people nearby to request for instant help in case of an emergency. Heyhoods is a collaborative community created to help each other when in trouble by proximity and altruism.

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The challenge

Heyhoods didn't have a technical team to develop their innovative idea. We joined the Heyhoods team right on time to feed the product concept and turn it into a focused and rich user experience considering a cross device service between mobile apps, web and hardware.


We built a seamless Heyhoods experience between multiple devices and services:

  • Native iOS / Android apps
  • Web app to share and display the position of alerts
  • Web manager dashboard to manage alerts in real time
  • Backend / API Services
  • Physical device (button and alarm light) to create an alert
  • Bracelet with scannable QR code

From the app you could ask for help from people close to you by simply pressing a button. This alert allowed real-time location sharing and the ability to chat or make a group video call. In addition to the app, we developed a web management panel from which to manage all active alarms centrally.

Heyhoods iphones mockup

At the same time, we opened up certain API functionality so that other external platforms or devices could integrate and use the alarm and geolocation services. A real case was the creation of identification bracelets for children with a QR code associated with the phone of the father or mother thinking of multitudinous events. If the child got lost, the wristband was scanned with a reader and an alert was automatically generated via SMS that arrived on the device of one of the guardians and opened a landing page with which the position of the minor could be followed.

We also carried out some concept tests with hardware such as physical buttons to be able to create alerts without the need to have the app, thinking about the elderly or people with reduced mobility. These buttons were connected to an alarm light that was triggered in case of receiving an alert. This concept was intended as a solution to be installed in central points of the city such as bus stops.

Heyhoods portada


We went from concept to product in 3 months and Heyhoods was able to close its first round of funding. This allowed us to keep adding new functionality and explore different possible integrations with third-party platforms. Sadly, the app is not available anymore.

Technologies used

Google Maps & Places API

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