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Design for Web and Apps.

At Liquid we have been designing apps and web pages for many years. Not only that, we are also digital natives and we always put ourselves in the user's shoes to make our designs.

What we do.

Transforming the key functionalities of your product into a perfect digital experience is a process that requires experience, creativity and feedback.

Information architecture

We can help you define the structure of the application or web page and the most optimal navigation with the end user in mind. Before starting to paint anything it's important to define the main user flows.


Once the different navigation flows are clear it's time to define the content of each screen. This is an important stage when working together with the copy team to align content and design.

User Interface

A user experience is not complete if it doesn't feed from an exciting and structured interfaceWe can define and construct a digital universe that transmits the speech and the values of your project.


The best way to test and validate a digital design is with a high-end interactive prototype. With it, we can test your design with real users and finish adjusting it before writing a single line of code.

Tools we use.



We don't do full brand identity projects. However, we can interpret and develop your brand digitally. If you need some minimum branding we can provide to you through some of our partners network.

Each project has a different complexity and it is not always necessary to go through all the design phases. In complex applications it can be useful to use wireframes before starting to paint pixels. In other cases, where the project is very clear, we can go directly to designing the interface. This saves time and money and the final result will not be affected.

Here we say yes. Nothing better than interacting with a high-fidelity prototype to check how your website or app will work from your computer or mobile. With tools like Figma, it's inexpensive to assemble and adds a lot of value. You will also be able to test with end users and do some more iterations to refine the design.

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