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Hemmingodden is a traditional business managed by a fishermen family in Lofoten, Norway.
They offer top services like accommodation in traditional fishermen cabins, boat rental and outdoor experiences.
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The problem

Most of Hemmingodden's income was offline. Their website was another regular Wordpress that didn't stand out from their competitors. The main pain was that their online booking redirected visitors to an external site. This was causing a big drop of online booking conversions.


We've designed a bespoke website to reflect their values and the services they offer. Moreover, we've implemented inside their website an online booking funnel connected to their PMS (Visbook) and to their payments provider (Nets) through API integration.

We work together with Singlot, the marketing agency working with Hemmingodden, to define and track all the booking funnel with Google Analytics. Moreover, we implemented the Tag Manager so they were able to share the collected data with their advertising platforms like Google Ads or Facebook. In this way, they were able to have the necessary data to analyse their campaigns, the ROI and improve their ads conversion rates.

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The results

We launched their new website based on Craft CMS in early 2021. The website is now totally self-manageable in three languages and the implemented tracking helps them to improve their online conversions and marketing performance. Compared to last year, the website performance in 2022 has improved:

  • +83,6% conversion rate
  • +98,3% number of sales
  • +32,1% total revenue

Technologies used

Craft CMS
Nets Easy
Visbook PMS
Hemmingodden responsive

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