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Club Menú Saludable

VenuSanz is a vegan chef with a great community behind her. He needed an application to offer a weekly vegan menu to his community and facilitate its preparation with features such as the shopping list or batch cooking.

The application had to be mobile first since its audience came mainly from mobile devices.
Venusanz web mockup 1

The problem

VenuSanz had a team specialized in marketing and social networks. They offered a weekly menu in PDF format but the creation was completely manual. They needed a technical team that could transform this PDF into a web application to automate processes and be able to exploit a new sales channel.


We design and develop a web application focusing on the mobile version. In addition, we implemented a backoffice to generate weekly menus and be able to easily manage incidents with customers.

Venusanz iphone mockup


The new application has allowed them to streamline the generation of the weekly menu and reduce the time spent on incidents. Since the publication of the first version, we have continued to work on features to improve customer retention and increase conversion.

Venusanz web mockup

Technologies used


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