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Return is a family business with a long history in the production of animal feed. Its business was mainly offline and based on its network of distributors. Their website was completely outdated with a graphic line from the early 2000s. They wanted to reposition their brand and open a new online sales channel focused on B2C with the new website.
Retorn web mockup

The challenge

Retorn had a corporate website that had not evolved since its beginnings, as all its business was offline and focused on B2B. They wanted to open the online sales channel and focus on B2C to increase their turnover and take the opportunity to rebrand.


We made a unique web design that reflected their values ​​of premium, natural and sustainable pet care food. Therefore, we took into account the limitations of Shopify to maintain the typical hierarchy of an ecommerce made on this platform and facilitate the implementation of the design.

Retorn hero


The launch of the new website was a success. They managed to increase turnover significantly and set up a small digital marketing team to squeeze the most out of their new sales channel.

Technologies used


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