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Pastisseria Ochiai

Ochiai pastisseria is a family business with a great reputation and tradition. They are the reference Japanese pastry shop in Barcelona.

They want to transfer their success to the online world through an ecommerce focused on B2C. By the way, they want to take the opportunity to digitize the company with the aim of automating internal processes while increasing their sales.
Web homepage ochiai

The problem

Ochiai was working with an agency in the development of their e-commerce with Craft Commerce. This needed to integrate with UPS and Stuart to automate the order shipping but the agency in charge of the e-commerce did not have the necessary knowledge to do the development.

On the other hand, the e-commerce was separated from its main website which was made with Squarespace. This meant that the user experience was not the best and that the e-commerce part was hidden in the background.


As official Craft partners and experts in integrations with third-party APIs, we took the development from the point where it was to implement the entire purchase process and the necessary integrations: Stripe, UPS, Stuart and Mailchimp

The e-commerce offers the types of delivery available (store pickup or home delivery) according to the selected products. In the case of home delivery, the delivery person (UPS or Stuart) is automatically assigned according to the customer's geographical area and the collection is scheduled.

Later, we integrated all the corporate content within the e-commerce itself. In this way we have been able to simplify navigation as well as put more focus on the transactional part.


The new ecommerce was published, with all the complete functionality, before Christmas. Soon, they started to increase their online sales. After the Christmas campaign they have already recovered most of the investment made.

Ochiai web mockup

Technologies used

Craft CMS
Craft Commerce

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