Alma Hotels

The prestigious Alma Hotels chain wanted its customers to be able to book a table at the restaurants in their hotels in the simplest way possible.

In 2 months, we developed and launched the mobile app through which their guests can choose a table in any of their restaurants for a specific day and time through an easy and convenient process.
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The problem

The studio in charge of Alma Hotels' technological projects did not have any mobile developers on the team. They contacted us to see if it was possible to develop the restaurant reservation app they had conceived and designed for both Android and iOS in an agile and fast manner.


We proposed to develop the app using Flutter to reduce development time and meet the goal of releasing it by the end of the year. We met with the design team to review the views and navigation flow of the app, simplifying the user reservation process to the maximum extent while giving the application an elegant style in line with Alma Hotels.

Alma screens


In this way, we managed to launch the app in 2 months, coinciding with the Christmas dates, so that the Alma Hotels team could promote it and offer it to their customers, facilitating the management of their reservations during these busy periods.

Technologies used


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