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Confio is a community powered marketplace between familys and home & care professionals.

This Barcelona based startup helps the community reach out to each other while skipping expensive recruiting agencies and other middleman.

Confio hero

The problem

Its founder had a large active community in a private Facebook group, which was the meeting point for families and home professionals. His business idea was validated but the management of everything was manual and time-consuming.

Their goal was to have an application that would allow families and professionals to get in touch directly. To do this, I had been working with a freelancer for quite some time to develop the web platform without success. The project was too big for just one person and needed a team to handle design and development.


Confio challenged our team design skills to build a tailor made job board marketplace service with plenty of custom use cases and features. We went though it and come out providing not just a suitable user experience for non tech-savvy users but also an amazing cross-device prototype.

In order to provide a cost effective, flexible but reliable user experience for mobile and desktop devices we approached the Confio apps with an original hybrid solution. Users would found a great mobile web through any browser but they will also be able to download the Confio mobile apps from the app stores to get the most of it.

We successfully added native iOS & Android navigation and components on top of an in-app optimized webfront.

Confio web mockup

The results

Confio's applications have already helped many families to find help and professionals to find work.

After an initial period of launch - ßeta, a first freemium model of plans was implemented that allowed to start generating income. The platform is currently up and running and maintains its active community.

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