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Draagu aims to turn staff and customers into your image providers with a single app install. That's it.

Draagu 1

The problem

Draagu's founder had a short budget but an extensive features list to include in the platform. 


Draagu was designed to make available all your device camera roll with no added workload so we figured out a way of turning everything easy & automatic.

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UI/UX Design and prototyping

We built an Android app that sync the entire camera roll with Draagu so we make images available as stock but members have to do nothing

  • Android Mobile App
  • AngularJS Web App
  • Backend/API services
  • Landing page

The results

The MVP helped Draagu acquire their first customers and raise more funds to move forward. Since then they also collected a few rewards and hired their own team.

Draagu webapp

Technologies used

Google Maps & Places API
Draagu visual

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