Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon is a company that seeks to democratize access to quality wine and educate its customers in the process through a monthly subscription that sends two bottles selected by a sommelier directly to users. In addition to the wines, it offers tasting notes, advice, and educational content about oenology. They had a functioning web platform but wanted to improve their subscribers' experience by also offering a native mobile application.

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The problem

The Gindumac team found that a lot of time was wasted and errors were made when operators went to inspect a machine to assess its price. It was a process of more than 14 steps where all the machine's characteristics and information were collected and then manually transferred to an internal database.


We proposed developing a mobile application using Flutter that would allow the entire information collection process to be carried out in different steps (even without an internet connection and with the ability to pause and resume the inspection). Once the process is completed, all the machine's specifications can be uploaded via API.

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We successfully released a functional app for the operators, which improved and streamlined the machinery appraisal process. This also helped us reduce the repetition of certain tasks and the number of errors that were being made.

Technologies used

Firebase Cloud Messaging

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