Axon Time is a leading measurement services company in the Spanish market, specialized in the development and implementation of telemeasurement technology.

Having developed TwinMeter, a powerful telemeasurement data capture and management system presented as a web platform, they needed to bring it to a mobile app so that their users could conveniently access their measurements from anywhere.

Twinmeter grid

The problem

The Axon Time development team lacked mobile developers to transfer the TwinMeter web measurement application to a mobile app for Android and iOS. They were keen on using Flutter as the framework, so they contacted us to see if it was feasible to apply the design and functionalities of the current web tool to a mobile device and provide their clients with a valuable product.


Once the provided design was adjusted, we started developing the app coordinating with Axon Time's backend team responsible for implementing the API for the mobile version to streamline processes and prevent bottlenecks. One of the central aspects of the app was the visualization of various types of graphs displaying multiple measurements, so we had to analyze and test different libraries to achieve the expected result.

Twinmeter screens


This way, we managed to launch the first version of the application, and to this day, we continue making iterations to add new functionalities and apply a new branding and redesign.

Technologies used

Firebase Cloud Messaging

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