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SEFAC - Patient e_XPERT

The Sociedad Española de Farmacia Familiar y Comunitaria (SEFAC) had a web application to help pharmacies take all the management with their patients and they needed a mobile app as well.
Sefac expert mobile 1

The challenge

Their internal team was developing a new version of the web application and they needed someone to design and develop an app that would facilitate patient communication and follow-up while helping to build patient loyalty.

SEFAC's development team
only had web development backgrounds and had no experience in app development or what was needed to manage and maintain an app. Their API was only consumed internally and was not fully documented.


We worked together with the SEFAC team to finish defining the product and design it taking into account the required functionality and the limitations of its backend. We worked closely with their development team to coordinate backend and app development and to implement push notifications.

Sefac mockup app


The resulting app offers a very good user experience to the patient and completes the SEFAC e_XPERT platform's service offering, allowing pharmacists to better monitor their patients.

Technologies we used


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