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Singlot is a Data driven marketing agency from Oslo. Well, they are now located in Lisbon.
They help other business to succeed on their marketing actions. And they do it really well.
Singlot web mockup

The problem

They had a Wordpress website which was just right. But it wasn't enough. They wanted a custom design to express their values and stand out from the crowd of agencies using the same Wordpress theme. Moreover the website had to be fast and easy to manage from the CMS.

When we went to Liquid we needed a new identity and a new technology for our website. The best thing about working with them is being able to evaluate options, see alternatives and of course the final result, which was much better than expected!
Miguel Villena from Singlot
Miguel Villena
Co-founder en Singlot AS


We build a new brand for them and made a bespoke website design to reflect their values and the services they offer. They work as a lighthouse for businesses that feel lost with digital marketing and we played with that concept.

Apart from the unique design, we add some micro-interactions to the frontend to make the navigation smoother. We build the website using Craft CMS to provide an easy content management tool so they cano add new case studies and edit any content of the website.

The results

They have a unique website, easy to manage and with a great performance. What else do you need?

Singlot web mockup 1

Technologies we use

Craft CMS
Google analytics

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